Parents & Guardians.
Do you wish to equip your children and wards with business skills for their personal and professional growth?

Do you wish to empower your children and wards with knowledge that gives them competitive advantage over their peers?

Do you wish to instill strong leadership and people management skills in them?
Do you want your Child to be the next Youngest Business Owner?



Your children/wards are inspired and trained to understand how they can become Generation Z Leaders with 21st-century Entrepreneurial Skills.

They will be inspired & equipped to think of entrepreneurial solutions to global problems and how to become an employer-of-labour/job creator.
We accept that, the norm is to give our children/wards the hard skills they need to excel in their future careers but also know that the business skill to stimulate their creative minds and give them the tools to change the world will be the icing on their cake.
In the world all over, teenagers are creating products and services that are revolutionizing the way we live today. The founders and developers of the major digital platforms that help us collaborate and interact better are predominantly teenagers and young adults, for instance the inverter power system that powers some aspects of our office was built by a young man yet to go through the university.
TEENS BUSINESS ACADEMY is designed to complement the efforts of the formal education system by developing and magnifying the world changing gifts inherent in your children/wards while helping them to see through the lens of entrepreneurship.

As Parents/Guardians, we know for sure that you want your children/wards to be the BEST irrespective of the knowledge-gap in our educational system.
That is why Treskaro Systems & Solution in collaboration with the Centre for Enterprise & Capacity Development (Centre-ECD) provides the opportunity to bridge that gap with our upcoming entrepreneurial skills training for teenagers scheduled for 4 days.

After which your children/ward become a member of a premium Business Club that will help mould them into business giants in their generation.
This training will help them Identify themselves, clearly define their life purpose , help them make the best career choice for themselves and design a winning business growth and development strategy for them.
Only those who place Premium Value on their Children will act on this
before Time Runs Out...


I am Osayi Tres Omokaro,
I love to talk and teach from childhood. I was a curious child, I dared things and was very forthright, but like the majority of parents, my parents had their plans for me, which was going to school, get the best of grades and get a good job (lovely desire from loving parents)

But as I grew up I was told that teachers wealth is in heaven, I had to put off teaching and started to seek for jobs that have what it takes to pay me, I got into the bank and started to work, but unfortunately, I was placed in Operations Unit, I had to seat and attend to customers, doing a routine task, after a while, I got stressed out and frustrated.

I eventually resigned and today I teach Business People how to better their businesses, I could teach (talk) for hours forgetting to eat.
I had built three businesses from this and helped over 100 people build their life/business and had turned many into employers of labor. Just because I Found Myself and Developed Myself along my path.

Vision Analysis (which is the first step for every entrepreneurial journey), steps on wealth creation, retention and, wealth management, teenagers of today are quick learners, tech-savvy, as they grow up they develop lifestyle habits fairly quickly due to rampant social influence and as parents/guardians, you need to be conscious and careful.

They gather information very easily, this can influence them rapidly and this influence in turn affects you.
Teens Business Academy (TBA)
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At the TEENS BUSINESS ACADEMY (TBA), we will train them to understand how to convert this massive information into working knowledge and a means for wealth creation.

We will teach them the value of money, how to master and deploy it rightly so they can place money where it belongs.

They will learn critical thinking (The power of their MINDs) that will open them up to businesses available to them within their current environment and let them know how they can start a business and go global without capital.

As our country and the entire world goes through the uncertainties of life, the only people saving the world today are those building businesses and helping to employ others. We are offering you the opportunity to place your children/ward in the opportuned side that helps better the world by creating businesses from their skills and God-given passion.

Your children/wards deserve to rule the world with his/her God-given idea and passion.

At the TEENS BUSINESS ACADEMY, your children/ward will also learn Time and Life Management skills which will expose them to proven strategies on how to effectively maximize TIME for impact and profit.

There will be lots of interactive exercises and game sessions to help stimulate their creative mind, practice business cases, network, and build effective communication skills.
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