You can know if you will make a PROFIT or LOSS in the next 3months in Business?

I wish I met you before starting off your business but it is never too late to get this HIGH VALUE Information for your BUSINESS growth. To better understand why I’m telling you this, read the following:


80% of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria fail within the first year of operation.


In the United States, however, statistics show that about 20% of Small Businesses fail in their first year. 


30% of Small Businesses fail in their second year and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business.

The statistics above show that while 80% of small and medium enterprises close in the first year of operation in Nigeria, only 20% of SMEs in the USA close in their first year. The larger numbers of entrepreneurs in that country make it into the fifth and and even seventh year before they close down.

I am really worried to see these statistics but more so, I am glad you are faced with what I want to OFFER. I strongly advise you read to the end and TAKE ACTION!

In 2019

I met a young man who decided to start up a business, and he spoke to me about the idea and I told him the following;

people, man, guy
  • This idea is fantastic
  • The idea is not real
  • This idea won’t give you money now
  • This idea may not scale at this time
  • This idea needs to be worked on by a professional
  • No Investor will invest in this idea yet

And this is what he started saying to me

  1. You are cutting down my dreams
  2. You don’t believe in what i am presenting to you
  3. You are not seeing what i am seeing
  4. I have seen this idea worked somewhere
  5. I have saved for the business and that’s why i am ready to start
  6. I want to start now and i know i will start making profit now

I loved his response because he believed so much in what he wanted to offer to this world, there are many who are in this young man’s position. I can tell you where some of them are right now;

  • Struggling 3months into the business as they have lost the savings they had.
  • They are restructuring and re-strategizing to fail again.
  • They are pursuing customers because they need money to continue the business.
  • They are struggling because they concluded the first one is not working. 
  • They stopped the business recently and decided to look for a job to raise cash again.

Many people are not always interested to hear from others who have experienced business to help them start and scale, they just think Business is all about IDEA and the BOOM, PROFIT.


The first point of success in life and business is to listen to others who have gone past that road and learn from them. Although this is not my topic for today, I needed to hit on this in order to bring you a bit about STARTING A BUSINESS.

This is the deal

Starting up a business should not end in your head but should move into paper. Whatever that must find roots into existence must be written first. A business that must see a significant rise that is PREDICTABLE whether a PROFIT or LOSS will be seen in the plan set up by the owner of the business.

Why should you get a BUSINESS PLAN FROM US?

  1. Our Business Plan will predict your monthly Cash flow
  2. Our Business Plan can determine the sustainability of your Business
  3. Our Business Plan will outline effective strategies for Business growth for the next 3-6months
  4. Our Business Plan will enable your business to secure a LOAN OR GRANT with ease.

Don’t tell me, I know you wish you had done this but you decided not to consult any one for a business plan and so:

  1. You did not get to see the result after the plans were made. (WE WILL WALK YOU THROUGH THE PLAN IMPLEMENTATION)
  2. You thought it would be quite expensive. (THE BEST PAYMENT WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE


Yogi Berra

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

Brian Tracy

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!”

Zig Ziglar

“Unless you have a definite, precise, clearly set goal, you are not going to realize the maximum potential that lies within you.”

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